Russian , Ukrainian & International  Standards with Chemical   Compositions & Mechanical Properties

Table1 :Ordinary Quality Carbon Steel GOST 380-94

Table2 :Calibrated Sections With The Special Surface Finishing Of The Carbon Quality Structural Steel GOST 1050-88

Table3 :Cold Rolled Thin Sheets Of Low –Carbon Steel For Cold Stamping GOST 9045-93

Table4 :Rolled Thin Plates Of Normal Quality Carbon Steel For General Purpose Specification as per GOST -16523

Table5 :Rolled Thin Plates Of Low – Alloyed Structural Steel GOST 17066

Table 6: Steel for Shipbuilding –GOST-5521

Table 7 : Low – Alloyed Steel –GOST -19281

Table 8 : Rolled Steel For Steel Structure, Specifications as per GOST-27772

Table 9 :American Standards

Table 10 : German Standards

Table 11: British Standards

Table 12 :C.I.S Standards and Foreign Standards

Table 13 :Russian Equivalents of Hot Rolled Steel

Table 14 :Russian Equivalents of Anisotropic Electric Steel Grades (Grain Oriented)

Table 15 :Russian Equivalents of Anisotropic Electric Steel Grades (Nongrain Oriented)


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